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CoCoNutz PDF Newsletter

This is Mary Kramer's newsletter called the CoCoNutz! E-Zine, available in PDF format and accepting submissions for the next issue!

Her dad was Dale Kramer (elad it's Egad) who was active with the CoCo Friends Disk Magazine (CFDM) before he died. Dale left behind a lot of CoCo stuff that Mary later came across.

Mary Kramer eventually joined the CoCo Community and has remained here as active as her dad was. Mary has come a long way with the CoCoNutz! E-zine and she asks that you help it grow even bigger by contributing new CoCo material.

Thanks, Mary, for joining us and being a part of the great CoCo Community.

There are a few improvements with the May 2007 issue. First, we are now typesetting for a better look and easier reading. Also, there are two versions to download.

The screen version is only about 458K and looks great on a monitor. The print version has a bit higher resolution graphics for better printouts. The down side is the print version file is about 5 times larger so takes longer to download.

Download May 2007 Issue - Screen (458K) or Print (2,237K)

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